Episode 025


Measure K
Santa Ana Councilman
Criminologists Deceive Us
Congress Pays Sex Misconduct Costs
Teens, Dentists and Opioids
Black Engineer Create Gloves
Facebook Bad For Health
Buffett Wisdom
Rebrand Criminals

In 2018, County Administrator (CAO) Robert Bendorf and the Yuba County Supervisors made a determination to seek a 1% sales tax increase to “save public safety.”  The scheme to sell the increase as a public safety tax but then put it on the ballot as a general fund tax has undermined the credibility of the Board of Supervisors and the county administration. 

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Measure K Defeat
Ellis Lake and Gavin Park
Twins in the Womb
El Dorado Co Rejects Tax
HJTA Wins Court Battle
PP Selling Baby Parts with Gov Approval
Illegal Alien Sex with Cow

For a “disadvantaged city” Marysville has money to burn on consultants and engineering firms when local professionals offer their expertise for free or at much lower costs. It seems nowadays that county and city administrators though paid $150-300 thousand dollars annually bring little to the job other than hiring consultants with exorbitant fees.

As Yuba County residents wait for a Judge Stephen Berrier decision on the legality of the Measure K sales tax measure, Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association and Californians are benefitting from rulings elsewhere supporting Propositions 13 (1978) and 218 (1996) requiring a 2/3s vote of the populace for new taxes.

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Ammo Sales
Ellis Lake / Msvl City Council
Alcohol v Guns and Walmart
Population Control
Antonio Gramsci
Labor Day
War on Cars
Socialist Rulers and Decadence

While California schools are at the bottom in terms of academic performance they are one of the leaders in legal settlements for sexual abuse of children by school employees. Unions make it nearly impossible to fire a teacher but if accomplished it costs taxpayers an average of $500,000 and several years.

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Wollman Ice Rink and Ellis Lake

Sexual Assault, Schools, Insurance and Jim Whiteaker

Clinton Corruption and Collusion

What I didn't learn in school about slavery

Are colleges a waste of time and money?

Last Tuesday night the Marysville City Council rejected a proposal by rice farmer Charlie Mathews and former City Councilmember Dale Whitmore to once again pump fresh Yuba River water to Ellis Lake. Mathews was to contribute $10,000 and Whitmore $1,500 along with collaborating with all entities (Yuba Water Agency, State Water Resources, PG and E and the city) to make the lake clean once again.

Episode 020


What Can you Do, Charging for Emergency Services, Why Doesn't America Work Anymore, Whose Funding War on Ice, Sell An Organ, Emma Lazarus Poem, Not a Public Charge.

You pay more than 100 different taxes each year with the understanding that government will take care of business.  In the post war 1950s through the 1970’s amazing modern cities, airports, roadways and water projects were developed preparing us for the future. The world was in awe of America.

In 2016, Marysville, CA., 12,000 plus in population and 3.6 sq. mi. in size, was going bankrupt following decades of businesses leaving the city. In spite of shouldering millions of dollars in devastating long-term real estate debt the city council determined to continue funding its own police and fire departments rather than contracting out for services.

Episode 019


Measure K Hokey Pokey, Aronson Cover-up, Trade War, One Gun Store in Mexico, Government Cheats on Taxation, Boy Scouts and Pedophiles, Mass Shootings and the US.