All in Podcast

Episode 031


Recall Gov Newsom, Kayla Mueller and Isis, Katie Hill Resignation, Road Kills for Californians, SWAG Waste, Illegals Kill Deputy, State Auditor and Msvl.

Episode 030


Gov Newsom Recall, Measure K Tax Appeal, Calif Craziness, Gas Prices No Accident, Rich Climate Hypocrites, Minor Attracted Persons, China Arrest Police Chief.

Episode 026


Third Word Utility
A fortune for green grass
Trump is Stupid?
Winchester Model 1907
Causes of Death
Bring Your Bible To School day
Plastic Pollution
0-41 Climate Experts Lose
Chick Fil A

Episode 025


Measure K
Santa Ana Councilman
Criminologists Deceive Us
Congress Pays Sex Misconduct Costs
Teens, Dentists and Opioids
Black Engineer Create Gloves
Facebook Bad For Health
Buffett Wisdom
Rebrand Criminals

Episode 024


Measure K Defeat
Ellis Lake and Gavin Park
Twins in the Womb
El Dorado Co Rejects Tax
HJTA Wins Court Battle
PP Selling Baby Parts with Gov Approval
Illegal Alien Sex with Cow

For a “disadvantaged city” Marysville has money to burn on consultants and engineering firms when local professionals offer their expertise for free or at much lower costs. It seems nowadays that county and city administrators though paid $150-300 thousand dollars annually bring little to the job other than hiring consultants with exorbitant fees.

Episode 023


Ammo Sales
Ellis Lake / Msvl City Council
Alcohol v Guns and Walmart
Population Control
Antonio Gramsci
Labor Day
War on Cars
Socialist Rulers and Decadence

Episode 021


Wollman Ice Rink and Ellis Lake

Sexual Assault, Schools, Insurance and Jim Whiteaker

Clinton Corruption and Collusion

What I didn't learn in school about slavery

Are colleges a waste of time and money?

Episode 020


What Can you Do, Charging for Emergency Services, Why Doesn't America Work Anymore, Whose Funding War on Ice, Sell An Organ, Emma Lazarus Poem, Not a Public Charge.

Episode 019


Measure K Hokey Pokey, Aronson Cover-up, Trade War, One Gun Store in Mexico, Government Cheats on Taxation, Boy Scouts and Pedophiles, Mass Shootings and the US.

Episode 018


Elizabeth Warren college costs, Twitter Influence, Women's Soccer Pay, No Trump on CA Ballot, Rats in Baltimore, China to Block Election, EV Chargers at Your Expense, Founding Fathers Hated Democracy.

Episode 017


Measure K Fraud, America Is Great, Wind and Solar Won't Work, Religious Groups Cash in On Illegals, Mueller Honorably Corrupt, Berkeley Bans Natural Gas.

Episode 013


YCOE Had to Hire Whiteaker, Last Surviving Signer, Boys Join Girls, Rocklin Parents Resist, Soccer Player Refuses Gay Pride Uniform / Quits, Pastors Forced to Endorse LGBT, New Gun Ammo Law July 1, Reparations, Arkansas Welfare Reform.