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Newsom Recall Launched

An effort to recall California Governor Gavin Newsom has been authorized by the Secretary of State. Organizers have until February 13, 2020, to collect 1,495,709 signatures of registered voters to force an election.

Successful recalls of governors are rare. Only four gubernatorial recalls have ever qualified for the ballot. And just two governors in U.S. history, North Dakota’s Lynn Frazier (1988) and California’s Gray Davis (2003) were removed from office by a recall election.

Gov Newsom took office in January 2019 but was not a novice to state politics. The nephew of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has influenced statewide policies for 16 years prior to winning the governor’s race by nearly 62%. He was mayor of San Francisco 2004 – 2011 and then Lt Governor under Jerry Brown 2011 – 2019.

San Francisco, held hostage by the homeless and drug addicts has become the toilet of California where a “Crap App” helps people step-over fresh deposits of human waste. This is a result of Newsom’s mayoral policies. 

Due to egregious state and city environmental regulations only the wealthy can afford to live in San Francisco. And the state’s housing industry is grounded by climate hoax mandates.

Newsom’s legacy is one of violating the law, resisting the federal government and ignoring the will of the people. As mayor, contrary to law, he performed marriage ceremonies for same gender couples and did nothing while the homeless established squatter camps, shot drugs and relieved themselves in public.

As Lt Governor and now Governor he has declared California a sanctuary for illegal aliens and provided 100,000 of them free healthcare at a cost of $100 million dollars. Troops sent by President Trump to secure the border were removed by Newsom. It is estimated that 70% of illegals will end-up on welfare while illegals already cost state taxpayers $30 billion annually in benefits.

One of every three welfare recipients in America resides in California and one in four residents fall below the poverty line.

Thousands of businesses have left the state along with millions of taxpaying working class people. Social media is alive with Californians exploring where to relocate as future refugees of the regulation-rich socialist state.

Newsom wants to shut down the oil industry and replace this abundant source of energy with feeble solar and wind power. Solar and wind cost a fortune to produce and cannot supply the needs of the state. Already utility costs are 60% higher than the national average and gasoline prices are $1 per gallon more due to shunning fossil fuels.

Newsom’s newest proposal is to tax drinking water. His administration is also protecting the barbaric selling of aborted baby parts and prosecuting those who uncovered the criminal acts.

Liberal California has traditionally supported the death penalty for the most heinous criminal acts. However, Newsom gave a reprieve to 737 prisoners on death row and has been releasing violent offenders. Schools have gone from the best in the nation to last, now re-tooled as leftist indoctrination centers pushing evolution, climate change and sexual identity hoaxes.

Newsom’s policies are producing less freedom, less opportunity, less prosperity, poorer quality of life and more regulations, more costs, and more government harassment. However, will those who oppose the status quo resist Newsom, move elsewhere, or shut-up and comply?

The factors that led to the recall of Gray Davis in 2003 were an unpopular governor, failed policies and an attractive alternative candidate. Davis had won his second term with just 47.2% of the vote. Newsom recently won big but his approval ratings are falling.

 Davis inherited a budget surplus but created a $35 billion deficit while giving prison correctional officers a 35% pay increase. He also concurred with giving huge pension increases for government employees that are bankrupting the state today.

The utility grid was failing. The state was experiencing rolling blackouts affecting up to 1.5 million people and businesses. A “car tax” kicked in causing the average DMV fee to go from $70 to $210.

A number of alternative candidates joined the recall but Hollywood actor Arnold Schwarzenegger captured the interest of the most voters. People really had no idea what they were getting in Arnold but he knew how to work the crowd. Claiming to be a Republican he governed like a Democrat.

Today, Newsom has a bankrupt utility due primarily to absurd green regulations. PG and E is preparing people for Third World style brown-outs on windy days and customers will pay a small fortune for gas and electric in the future. 

The Brown/Newsom car tax increase has made the Davis increase seem like chump change. SB 1 is taking an additional $5.1 billion each year from the pockets of Californians via DMV fees and fuel taxes.

The missing element is a charismatic candidate that can give hope to millions of Californians now cowing to a socialist state.

More information and petitions can be obtained at or Petitions can be signed locally at Elite Universal Security, 5548 Feather River Blvd., Olivehurst, CA.

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Episode 025