Wollman Ice Rink and Ellis Lake

Sexual Assault, Schools, Insurance and Jim Whiteaker

Clinton Corruption and Collusion

What I didn't learn in school about slavery

Are colleges a waste of time and money?

Last Tuesday night the Marysville City Council rejected a proposal by rice farmer Charlie Mathews and former City Councilmember Dale Whitmore to once again pump fresh Yuba River water to Ellis Lake. Mathews was to contribute $10,000 and Whitmore $1,500 along with collaborating with all entities (Yuba Water Agency, State Water Resources, PG and E and the city) to make the lake clean once again.

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What Can you Do, Charging for Emergency Services, Why Doesn't America Work Anymore, Whose Funding War on Ice, Sell An Organ, Emma Lazarus Poem, Not a Public Charge.

You pay more than 100 different taxes each year with the understanding that government will take care of business.  In the post war 1950s through the 1970’s amazing modern cities, airports, roadways and water projects were developed preparing us for the future. The world was in awe of America.

In 2016, Marysville, CA., 12,000 plus in population and 3.6 sq. mi. in size, was going bankrupt following decades of businesses leaving the city. In spite of shouldering millions of dollars in devastating long-term real estate debt the city council determined to continue funding its own police and fire departments rather than contracting out for services.

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Measure K Hokey Pokey, Aronson Cover-up, Trade War, One Gun Store in Mexico, Government Cheats on Taxation, Boy Scouts and Pedophiles, Mass Shootings and the US.

Yuba County Administrator Robert Bendorf and his County Supervisors wanted their cake and eat it too when it came to the Measure K Sale Tax. Their private lobbying, town hall meetings, mailers, social media postings and signage sold the Measure as a Public Safety Special Tax that would be restricted to a special fund.

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Elizabeth Warren college costs, Twitter Influence, Women's Soccer Pay, No Trump on CA Ballot, Rats in Baltimore, China to Block Election, EV Chargers at Your Expense, Founding Fathers Hated Democracy.

Americans often see a problem; get the cause wrong, and then the solution as well. Years ago, China could not feed its population due to centralized control of business and agriculture. Slow Americans concurred with China’s forced abortion one-child policy because Americans thought the problem was too many people rather than a lack of productivity.

When it comes to voter fraud and stealing elections democrats certainly have the reputation for it. Dogs and dead people voting, slogans like vote early and vote often, and ballot box stuffing are infamously remembered along with the Chicago Democratic Machine and New York’s Tammany Hall. 

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Measure K Fraud, America Is Great, Wind and Solar Won't Work, Religious Groups Cash in On Illegals, Mueller Honorably Corrupt, Berkeley Bans Natural Gas.

In 1922 there were 12 million cars in the United States, and the United States Geological Survey (USGS) estimated that the country would run out of oil by 1942. But in 2016, there were 268.8 million US vehicles burning oil and gas. Was the U.S.G.S. off-base or what! The reason they were clueless was that they didn’t take into account new discovery and extraction solutions to come.

Under President “we don’t have a strategy yet” Obama Isis was allowed to burn and destroy historic landmarks, museums pieces, artifacts and anything else of the past. Isis wanted to eradicate all that was not Islamic. The evil crusade was extreme, deranged and nonsensical, like liberals.

A local juvenile, when asked why he “held-up” a convenience store, said he needed money because he was living on the street having left his family. When asked why he didn’t go to work he said he needed money right away and the store “could afford it.” The boy was an addict.